Wednesday, June 5, 2013

CATS, A Fine Arts Exhibition

"From the dawn of time, cats have fascinated artists. Beloved by Hemmingway and despised by the inquisition, cats have adapted to life among humans without compromising their wild nature. Their fuzzy faces represent an eternal existentialist struggle of animal instinct for freedom against the comforts of modern society. 
This exhibition represents nine Ohio artists who have a compulsion to create work inspired by their feline companions. Ranging from installation art to painting, they brave the contemporary arts world refusing to give up their live for kitsch aesthetic while revolutionizing our understanding of reality"
Anna Tararova -,

This Friday, June 7th @ 6pm-9pm, come by ARTS/West for this awesome Art exhibit all centered around the internet's favorite animal, The Cat. With pieces ranging from the bizarre, to the beautiful, and even the down right enlightening, be sure to stop by to see it in it's full glory! This exhibit will be up between Friday the 7th, all the way till Friday, June 28th. So even if you cannot make it to the opening, be sure to stop by at any time to give it a look and show your support for local art! See you then!

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